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Ed Luce, the Financial Times’ US editor, recently asked what America can do to avert a constitutional meltdown.

It’s a good question considering the strains are increasingly evident. The Christian conservative right has managed to seize control of what’s legal in America via the Supreme Court. And smaller rural conservative states continue to have more of a say in the electoral college and the Senate than larger liberal ones like California.

Mr Luce quoted Norm Ornstein, a scholar of US politics at the American Enterprise Institute: “If the system is the same in 2030 as it is now, America will start to fall apart”. …

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Just how sacralised has the American constitution become?


It would not be inaccurate to say it has become a secular religion, inspiring the same sort of fervour as a revealed religious text such as the Quran.

In fact, exactly that sort of fervour, a righteous rage over the defence of something that’s considered too pure to be re-touched by human hand. This, despite the US constitution having been conceived and written by men and having been amended from time to time ever since.

In a recent thought-provoking piece on America’s impending constitutional meltdown Ed Luce, the Financial Times’ US editor, quoted a Georgetown Law School professor’s standard question to her students at the start of each academic year. …

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Photo by Mikey Harris on Unsplash

Germany will soon have a new draft law that will give employees the legal right to work from home. It will mean other major reforms in the world of work too, not least regulating home office work by limiting hours and streamlining work-related costs sustained by home-workers.

If the once-fringe idea of telecommuting finds a place in the law books, it will show how much the world has changed during the pandemic.

Of course, as the World Economic Forum has noted, even before coronavirus hit Germany was much ahead of other countries on teleworking. …


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