…dictatorships end ignominiously

With impeccable timing, the BBC has released secretly recorded phone calls between Tunisia’s former dictator Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali and trusted advisors, 11 years after people power forced him to flee the country.

Ben Ali, who died in exile in Saudi Arabia in September 2019, left Tunisia on January 14…

Vaccine sceptics sometimes label government policies that bar the unvaccinated from restaurants and public buildings as vaccine apartheid.

What are they referring to?

Vaccine and mask mandates at Broadway shows in New York?

Covid passports, as imposed by Greece and France as early as July?

Italy’s requirement since October for…

Journalists generally gets a stream of useless press releases, which aren’t even redeemed by humour or the wit of the writing. But a British rubbish removal company’s recent, very newsy pitch for attention was riveting. It came off the back of Blackberry’s January 4 announcement that its iconic devices, which…

Will Britain become “one of the first major economies to demonstrate to the world how you transition from pandemic to endemic”?

I ask the question. A British cabinet minister made the statement.

Raising the prospect of a further cut to the isolation period for people who test positive for Covid-19…

On January 6, Italy made a coronavirus vaccination mandatory for everybody over the age of 50. Ansa reported that people who don’t comply will face a fine of €100. Oh, and the government decided to bar those over 50 from work if they are not vaccinated or recently recovered from…

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