Donald Trump wants to make such jobs great again: ice-cutter, coal-miner

Perhaps parts of Europe could try and revive the following occupations: lamp-lighter, rat-catcher, switchboard operator?

Perhaps the United States could resurrect bowling alley pinsetters, ice-cutters?

Perhaps a ‘President’ Trump could keep coal miners forever employed, never mind the cheap clean availability of natural gas and never mind the fact that extracting coal in the eastern United States is more expensive than elsewhere.

The ‘Scientific American’ pooh-poohs Mr Trump’s pledge to open shuttered coal mines in Appalachia. It “might be as hard to fulfill as getting Mexico to pay for a new wall,” it writes.

It would be a huge and regressive step for the US — and the world — because it would re-tool regulations on greenhouse gases and toxic air pollutants and set a bad example to other countries, especially China, which is working hard to close coal mines.

Late last year, Beijing announced thatit would suspend all new coal power plant approvals.

China will take 60 million metric tons of coal production offline this year alone and roughly 500 million over the next three-to-five years by closing small or old mines. Another 500 million tons will be slashed by consolidating various producers. Reuters has reported estimates from the China National Coal Association — about half of the country’s 10,760 coal mines will eventually be forced to close.

Mr Trump wants to take America in the other direction. That’s regressive.

Originally published at on May 16, 2016.

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