Feel America becoming great (and a trademark) in Trump’s economic plan

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The Economist, journal for pointy-headed thinkers everywhere, is utterly befuddled by what it calls Donald Trump’s economic policy.

In a blog that might be a spoof, or a concept paper for a new reality show, or a preliminary script for a dystopian film, Philip Coggan, The Economist’s Buttonwood columnist offers the following intelligence on Mr Trump’s “cunning plan”. Click here for the blog. Or just read the highlights below:

The Trump campaign assures that as president, Mr Trump has a plan full of “other factors” that will generate a budget surplus of between $4.5 trillion-7 trillion.

What might those be?

Buttonwood gazes into his Trump Crystal Ball:

  • Trademark the name ‘America’ and charge back royalties charged. (Think of the billions Don McLean will owe for ‘American Pie’)
  • Redenominate Treasury bonds in yen, which would cut the national debt’s nominal value by 99 per cent
  • Do some creative wordplay and substitute the word “surplus” for “deficit”
  • Throw up tariff barriers between American states
  • Subcontract US defence spending to Russia

And finally, the killer

“Offer other countries the right to have Mr Trump as their acting President, two days a week, in a competitive auction.”

I can just feel America becoming great again. As well as the most valuable trademark in the world

Originally published at www.rashmee.com on May 18, 2016.

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