Howell, you are so right that people who move elsewhere — for whatever reason — “need to adapt to the area they finally select” (or that which they come upon as sanctuary.) It’s like being nice to your relatives — you can choose whether or not to be pleasant, they’ll still be your family, even if eventually estranged if you’re particularly nasty. But to your friends (people not attached to you in any way, least of all genetically) it’s pretty darn important to be nice enough if you want them to continue to acknowledge you on the street!

The responsibilities imposed on immigrants and refugees are at least of the same order as their rights. Some might say they exceed one’s rights. It is incumbent on the new kid on the block to seek out ways to fit in.

This is an interesting discussion — some way, of course, from the more unsavoury aspects of blaming a whole community for the mad, bad and dangerous acts of one of its members. Collective punishment is never a good idea.

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